Meg Van Dyke

Hi! I’m Meg Van Dyke and I’m a wedding planner in the great City of Champyinz! Besides being an avid sports fan, I’m a mommy to two precious girls (Julianna and Maddie) and a wife, very much in love, with my husband of 13 years, Josh. I love spending time in my garden and then quickly heading into my kitchen where I use what I’ve grown to cook meals for my family, friends, co-workers and neighbors! I love looking through cookbooks and then getting creative with those recipes and taking them a step further. (If you hire me, I may just cook for you)! Singing, watching sports, trying new restaurants, exploring the city with my children, traveling and enjoying a glass (or two) of wine on my patio are things that bring me great joy! 


After working as the wedding coordinator for my church for 8 years, I decided to launch my own wedding planning business - Yinz Getting Married. It’s the perfect balance of my desire to be a stay-at-home mom and to be a working, creative artist. Yes, an artist! I went to school for musical theater. Growing up on the stage, memorizing lines, putting on a character, and the lights always on me, has helped prepare me to be your wedding planner. I’m great under pressure, I feed off adrenaline, I love details, I love choreography, I’m quick and I can act.  I think you can see how all those things make me great at what I do.


But to be clear, this is not a show that when the lights go down and the costumes come off, I walk away and forget the story. No my friends. The reason I love this job is because I love marriage. I respect it. I sacrifice for it. And I believe strongly, that part of my job in helping you plan the perfect day, is helping you prepare to have an even more perfect marriage. I tell my couples ALL THE SAME THING… I want to help give you the day you’ve always dreamt of but I really want to help you keep perspective. The flowers are important. The photography is really important. The venue and the food and the centerpieces, yes of course, those matter! But after that day (which will fly by) it’s you and your spouse and the vows you made to each other that will ultimately matter the most.


So please, now that you’ve made this promise to each other, let me handle the details. Let me worry about the stress so you don’t have to. And for heaven’s sake, let’s have fun! Let’s celebrate the union that you’re about to enter into. I promise you, it’s the greatest thing in the world. Even better then back to back Stanley Cups, 6 Lombardi Trophies and your name on a shiny marquee!